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Indo-Persian Helmet Kulah Khud

Indo-Persian Helmet Kulah Khud from the Lucknow Arsenal late 18th - early 19th C. (small hole damage in back of helmet)together with round circular shield and four bosses. Both pieces showing silver koft gari work 18thC.

$ 2,295.00

Canadian M 1871 Royal Canadian Dragoons

Canadian M 1871 Royal Canadian Dragoons

$ 995.00

English Fireman's Black Leather Helmet

A rare English Fireman's Black Leather Helmet painted badge mkt. N.F.S. liner and chin strap C. 1910-1915

$ 450.00

Prussian WWI Era Fireman's Pickelhaube

A Prussian WWI Era Fireman's Pickelhaube black leather body, brass helmet plate, WM Comb.

$ 295.00

M 1916 German WW1 Steel Helmet

M 1916 German WW1 Steel Helmet

$ 395.00

Decorative Italian Bascinet Late 14th Century Style modern

Decorative Italian Bascinet Late 14th Century Style modern

$ 225.00

Canadian Silver Gorget War of 1812

A Canadian Silver Gorget from the war of 1812 period, fitted with a silver Georgian crown probably for presentation to a Native Indian Chief. Found in the old munitions depot Fort York Toronto in 1958. 4.5" X 4" comes with a declaration letter written by Jamie Mackendrick stating when and how it was found.

$ 6,500.00

Persian Steel Bazu Band

A Persian steel Bazu Band. Shaped to the fore-arm, the outer surface bordered with chiselled floral work. Raised central fish with a simulated human face all gold koft gari work. late 18th early 19th century 13"

$ 995.00

Indo Persian Steel Dhal Shield

An attractive 19th C Indo Persian all steel Dhal Shield. The edges decorated with toothed rims. The main body of the shield decorated over all with gold and silver koftgari work foliage and geometric patterns. Set with four circular bosses, each with a toothed edge's (most silver work missing) retaining its padded cloth backing. Nice age patina. 14" diameter

$ 950.00

German Burgenet

A Rare German Burgenet with interesting one piece four sectioned skull tapering to a pyramidal Finial and formed front peak visor, stamped with a "D" (Dusseldorf ?) Both hinged ear guards and Articulating rear tail, rear plume holder. All edges rolled and roped. ( skull has an old working life Repair) Circa 1550. Note: An almost identical helmet is displayed in the Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum Kelvingrove, Glasgow.

$ 6,500.00

Indian Muslim Polychrome Shield

A very rare Indian Muslim Polychrome painted Steel Shield Dahl 17.25"diamater with four painted biblical scenes of perhaps Zechariah, Elizabeth, Mary and baby Jesus, around four steel bosses, encircled by sixteen scenes of one and two people. Then circled steel reinforced rim. 85% painted area remaining intact fair amount of surface rust. Late 18th Century

$ 2,895.00

An Important Italian Burgonet

An Important Italian Burgonet covered in red velvet textile with gold bullion boarders. One piece skull with high comb and original ear guards. C. 1550. Red textile a contemporary replacement (one small piece of original textile still remaining) This helmet is pictured in Cripps Day a Record of Armour Sales 1881-1924 page 141 Hafner-Alteneck Sale June 1904 Lot 17

Provenance: Soyter Sale 1850. Hefner-Auteneck 1904. John Wiggington 1946

$ 9,000.00

King Henry II of France Close Helm

A Fine Electrotype French Close Helm patterned after the Caesar and Pompey Helmet Of King Henry II of France 1547 - 1559 in the Louvre Museum Paris. An excellent 19th Century electroplate copper helmet made by the firm Christofle and Compagnie In the 1880's, minor damage to the comb, silver electroplating more then half worn off. This Helmet comes with four letters dated 1977 From: Helmet Nickel and Stewart Pyhrr of the Metropolitan Museum of Art A.V.B. Norman The Armories Tower of London Dr. Bruno Thomas Imperial Armoury (Waffensammlung) Austria

$ 7,950.00

English Civil War Troopers Pot Helmet

An English Civil War period Troopers three bar pot helmet. Skull formed in two halves with a raised comb Unusual working life period two piece tail, and a pivoting peak with three bar face guard. Cheek pieces missing. C.1640

$ 2,450.00

Indian Steel Shield

An Indian steel shield Dhal with decorative bordered rim and four steal bosses, still retaining some silver koft gari floral work 18th century 14.25"

$ 750.00

European Horseman's Battle Axe

Eastern European Horseman's Battle Axe with 3" crescent shaped blade and brass band overlay stamped with armourer marks on both side of blade. on a later pole C. 17th Century

$ 750.00

German Swiss Halberd

German Swiss Halberd
German Swiss Halberd

German Swiss Halberd C. 1560 with 17" head incorporating large spear point tip, rear fluke, and crescent axe head pierced with fire wholes, fluke with acorn armourers mark. Original silk tassels, on a later wooden pole 88" in length.
$ 2,100.00

French Parade Burgonet

French Parade BurgonetFrench Parade Burgonet

A magnificent French Repose Copper guilt Parade Burgonet in the Italian 16th C. style C. 1870. Fine Dragon Comb skull embossed with classical Greek/Roman warriors, foliage, animals and figures also with Bronziers foundry stamp.
Note: Identical helmet in Calgary's Glenbows Museum.
$ 3,750.00

North Italian Pisan Armour

North Italian Pisan ArmourNorth Italian Pisan Armour

North Italian Pisan ArmourNorth Italian Pisan ArmourNorth Italian Pisan Armour

A rare North Italian "PISAN" type Armour. C. 1570. Chiseled and etched decoration in the form of Greek/Roman warriors, cherubs, dancing dolphins and foliage. Possibly for export. Five lame tassets, rolled and roped main borders. Leather restored.

See "Armi e Armature, Museo Poldi Pezzoli 1980" page 48 plate 278, 279 For rare similar decoration.

$ 9,500.00



Parade Burgonet

Parade Burgonet

A 19th Century Parade Burgonet in the 16th C style with iron two piece skull embossed with mythical figures on both sides, (lower section of right side broken off) probably made in Paris in the 1880's.
$ 350.00