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Culloden House Antiques - Book List


European Weapons and Armour By Ewart Oakeshott 1978 $125

Antique Arms and Armour By Vesy Norman 1976 $28

European Arms and Armour By Henry Ashdown 1967 reprint $40

The Armour and his Craft By Ffoulks 1967 reprint $50

Armour and Weapons By Chales Ffoulks 1909 $75

Arms and Armour Notable acquisitions 1991-2002 Metropolitan Museum$30

Arms and Armour from the Permonent Collection Metropolitan Museum $30

The Heaver Castle Collection of Arms and Armour 1983 auction catalogue$250

Arms and Armour By Ferenc Temesvary $80

Armourers Marks By Dudley Hawtrey Gyngall $250

Arms and Armour of the Medieval Knight $50

Arms and Armour the Art Institute of Chicago $60

Collection of Arms and Armour including the William Riggs Donation Metropolitan Museum 1915 $150

Edged Weapons

The collectors Pictorial Book of Bayonets s/b 127 pgs $35

Swords From Public collections in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania s/b 127 pgs $40

Military Edged weapons of the world 1800 – 1965 s/b 151 pgs $45

Russian Military Swords 1801 – 1917 By Eugene Molo h/b $45

British Military Swords from 1800 to the present day h/b $60

Rapiers By Eric Valentine h/b 74pgs $110

The Rapier and Small Sword 1460-1820
by A.V.B. Norman 464 pgs $250

Bowie Knifes by Robert Ables s/b 140 pgs $75

Bowie Knifes by Robert Ables s/b 48 pgs $40

The Robert Abels Collection of Bowie Type Knifes s/b 20 pgs $25

American Socket Bayonets and Scabbards h/b Robert Reilly 209 pgs $125

The American Bayonet 1776-1964 by Albert Hardin JR. h/b 234 pgs very rare $300

Knifemakers of old San Francisco by Bernard R. Levine h/b 160 pgs with 1998 price guide $125

Swords and Hilted Weapons various authors h/b 239 pgs $115

Records of the Medieval sword by Ewart Oakeshott h/b 310 pgs $175

The Price Guide to Antique Edged Weapons by Leslie Southwick h/b 280 pgs $295

Boarders Away with steel – Edged weapons and pole arms h/b 160 pgs $125

Swords and Blades of the American Revolution by George Neumann h/b 288 pgs $175

European Swords and Daggers in the Tower of London
by Richard Dufty h/b 157 pgs $265

London Silver Hilted Swords by Leslie Southwick h/b 336 pgs $195