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English Dragoons Basket Hilted Backsword

A good English Dragoons Basket Hilted Backsword with plain unmarked 32" blade. Basket in the Glasgow Manor and well constructed with junction plates pierced with circles and triangles forged together with side bars, domed bun pommel, spiral wood grips. C. 1750 - 1760. A fine revolutionary war period sword.

$ 4,750.00

Scottish Troop Horse Grenadiers Sword

A very Rare Second (Scots) Troop Horse Grenadier's Sword. C. 1750. 34" single-edge blade stamped on both sides with a fleur-de-lis. The guard is made by connecting the two side plates and knuckle guard by two series of three narrow, wavy bars. The side plate on the right side is wider for additional protection to the hand. Ovoid pommel and capstan crown the hilt shagreen covered grip with top and bottom turks heads, brass wire wrap. (mostly gone) Battle honors include: Battle of Fontenoy and Battle of Dettingen where they guarded King George II on the field during the Continental 7 years war. Note: From the Morier paintings, we are able to assign use of this hilt to "The second Scots Troop Horse Grenadiers

$ 5,250.00

Tulwar Hilted Indian Kukri

A Tulwar Hilted Indian Kukri with 17' carved blade depicting warriors and floral work borders, iron hilt with disc pommel and dragon head side guard. Early 19th century.

$ 795.00

Spanish Cuphilted Rapier

Spanish Cuphilted Rapier late 17th C with sharply tapering double edge blade of flattened ovoidial sections, with fullers on both sides. Hilt comprising cup-guard, long slender quillions of circular form with turned and molded button terminals compressed rounded pommel, wire wrap copper grip C. 1670. 33.5" blade (small forging crack to blade)

$ 1,950.00

Scottish Basket-hilt Broadsword

A Scottish Basket-hilted Broadsword late 17th - early 18th Century. Hilt with four junction panels pierced with hearts and circles, fluted conical pommel. 29" blade (un-marked,) hilt with some old damage and repair A scarce Scottish Broadsword from the 1680-1720 period.

$ 4,750.00

English Civil War Mortuary Hilted Back Sword

English Civil War Mortuary Hilted Back Sword. 32.5" blade stamped with Clemens Meigen touch mark deeply stuck at the ricasso and full length double fullers. Circa 1629-1642. The Chiseled basket has some very old repairs, working life patch repair to hilt. The branches of the basket enter the holes where screws once were in the pommel. Twisted iron wire wrapping also an old replacement. The blade still retains strong traces of engraving.

$ 2,500.00

Indian Hunting Sword

Rare Indian Hunting Sword with 30" flamboyant blade, chiseled with continuous scenes of animals and foliage on both sides. Steel hilt with similar chiseled foliage and flowers. Mid 19th Century (edge nicks to blade)

$ 650.00

A Scottish Generals Basket Hilted Broad Sword:

Very Rare and Desirable Scottish Colonels/ Generals Officers Basket Hilted Broad Sword with Gold guilt Basket hilt, 85% gold guilding remaining. Comprising connecting junction pannels pierced with hearts and circles and cut with scalloped edges, fluted domed pommel, with it's original crimson and buff leather liner, shark skin wire wrapped grip 33" double fullered blade (un-marked) basket has a good working life repair C. 1790-1810

NOTE: For a similar hilt signed "MACLEOD" see catalogue "Scottish Sword and Shield 1994 from Earlshall Castle collection"


North Amarican Indian Beaver Tail Dag Knife:

A Very Rare North American Indian Beaver Tail Dag with 7.5" broad blade, wood beaver tail grip, fixed with six bronze studs and pierced with numerous holes around the perimeter of the grips ( blade heavily corroded and shows its age well) a completely untouched piece late 18th early 19th C. 14.5" overall length.
Note: Most of these type of knives were manufactured in Sheffield England for the Hudson's Bay company.



Dutch Military Cutlass:

Dutch Military Cutlass C. 1660-1690 with 28.5" blade engraved with Roman Empire heads and floral work on both sides of blade slightly curved with pipe back tip. Two bar iron swept hilt with thumb ring guard and globular pommel. Wire wrap grip (loose).
Note: This type of sword was favored by Pirates in the late 17th Century.




English Rapiers:

English Rapier
English Rapier

Two English Civil War Swords
A) An English Civil War “Mortuary” hilted Rapier with 36.25” diamond section blade (with some areas of heavier corrosion). Steel hilt chiseled with differing faces, moons and floral decoration, counter-curved quillions, three bar hilt joining together at the knuckle – guard and attaching to the rounded onion type pommel, brass spiral wire wrap grip C. 1630. A good and scarce officers English Civil War Rapier
$ 3,995.00

B) English Colonial America (Jamestown) Back Sword C. 1610 with 33” back edge blade and early form pipe back tip of blade. Hilt loose, composed of flat bars with counter-curved flat quillions knuckle guard and intersecting round shields (one with old braised repair and chevron decoration). Tall buttoned pommel with chevron decoration. Steel wire wrap wood grip.
Note: These swords are directly associated with Colonial Jamestown See Peter Finer Catalogue # 1 1995 lot 183 for a similar sword.



Dutch 17th C. Broadsword:

Dutch 17th C. BroadswordDutch 17th C. Broadsword
Dutch 17th C. Broadsword

Dutch 17th Century Broad sword with 36.25” broad blade and 8” central fuller, makers mark of A crowned “P” on both sides of the blade also the AMSTERDAM control mark on one side and stamped in the fullers SAHAGOM and PASSAU running wolf on both sides. Iron hilt with down curved single quillion, front and rear guards the rear inset with pierced plate also a thumb ring guard, globular pommel and original wire wrap grip. In very good overall condition.
Provenance: John Wiggington Collection



Officers Mameluke Sabre

Officers Mameluke Sabre
Officers Mameluke Sabre

British George IV Officers Mameluke Sabre, curved 31.5" blade with pronounced clip point and Damascus patterning (un-marked) iron cross guards and back strap, ivory grips, in its black leather scabbard with gold guilt mounts C. 1825 Note: for an identical sword by "John Prosser " appointed sword cutler to King George III 1795 and to King George IV 1827 see Bonhams July 24, 2002 LT. 87
$ 2,500.00




British Officers 1821 Sword

British Officers 1821 Sword
British Officers 1821 Sword

A scarce British Officers M. 1821 Cavalry Officers Sword with 35.5" pipe back blade etched with crown over "W.R. IV" (William IV 1830-1837) some nicks to edge of blade, steel three bar hand guard, back strap and pommel, wire wraps shark skin grip (one or two wires loose) in it's steel scabbard. A good and rare British Cavalry Officers Sword.
$ 1,250.00



Athabaskan Indian Tlingit Knifes

Athabaskan Indian Tlingit Knifes

A. Athabaskan Tlingit Indian fighting knife of the Pacific North West, with finely carved wood head in the form of a raven and abalone shell eyes, leather bound grip, bone collar with bronze pins. Blade stamped " J. Wilson Sycamore St. Sheffield England Forged". Also has two fur trade type stamps on 10.25" blade. 19th Century. 16.75" O\A Provenance: Thomas Richards Collection. Head and grip restored by Peter Grant C. 1980. SOLD

B. Athabaskan Tlingit Indian fighting knife of the Pacific North West, with finely carved bone handle and abalone shell inlay, leather wrap grip and bone collar with bronze pins, tapered ridged 12" unmarked blade 18.75" O\A. Late 19th Century. Provenance: Thomas Richards Collection. Grip, collar and abalone shell restored by John Livingston C. 1980. (Native Totem Pole carver )

$ 5,000.00






Basket hilted Sword

Basket hilted Sword

$ 7,000.00









Spanish Swept Hilt Rapier

Spanish Swept Hilt Rapier in 16th Century style. 36.5" blade, cast, emboss hilt and pommel. Made in the late 20th Century.

$ 900.00





















British M. 1905 Staff Sargent's Sword

Scare British M. 1905 Staff Sargent's Sword. 32.5" blade, pierced hilt, engraved with crowned GRV, shark skin grip with two steel rivets in its steel scabbard C. 1910 - 1915

$ 695.00








19th Century European Broadsword

A 19th Century European Broadsword with 31.5" blade, iron quillions and pommel, wire wrap grip.

$ 225.00








English Ivory Hound Head Sword Cane

English Ivory Hound Head Sword Cane 18th C (missing scabbard)

$ 700.00








Calvary Sword

Calvary Sword - Hawkes & Co. London manufacturer to the Queen

$ 1,000.00








Ballock Knife

Ballock Knife Ciria 1500

$ 6,000.00








Rondell Dagger

Rondell dagger late 15th Century

$ 15,000.00








Indian Katar

Indian Katar with scabbard, early 18th Century









Japanese Officers Dress Sword

Imperial Japanese Officers Dress Sword (missing pommel) C. 1900-1910

$ 275.00











Sword - "Spain" on blade

$ 500.00