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Canadian W.W.II. Medal Group

Canadian W.W. II. Medal group of 5 with rare Air Crew Europe Star with France Germany bar. Also flight map showing bombing route from York England to Dusseldorf Germany. Map showing "winco" as master bomber


Belgium Lord Leopold Decoration

Belgium Lord Leopold decoration in its fitted case C. 1900


U.S. Civil War Tin Type Photo

U.S. Civil War period Tin type photo of a Union Infantry soldier armed with a musket and bayonet Also a bowie knife, in it's military gutta-purcha case 1861 - 1865


Troopers Horse Guards Armour

A George V 1871 Pattern Troopers Royal Horse Guards Helmet, Cuirass and Tunic, white metal skull, brass helmet plate with Kings crown , red horse hair plume, brass chin chain and rosettes and padded leather lining ( some damage to plume holder and chin chain, minor dents to skull) The cuirass of plated steel (retaining its back liner) bordered by large brass studs and complete with its brass shoulder scales and replacement belt. Horse guards tunic with all buttons, dated inside 1918 Note: Numerous moth holes throughout tunic.


$ 2,250.00 SOLD

Relic Confederate Belt Buckel

Relic Confederate tin belt bucked plate 3.25 " length embossed "CS".

$ 995.00

Relic Confederate North Carolina Button

Relic officers North Carolina Coat Button with gold wash , back loop broken, un-named. C. 1861 - 1865


Confederate Virginia Button

Confederate officers Virginia state silver cuff button un-marked. C. 1861 - 1865


Confederate Mississippi Naval Button

Confederate Naval button Dominion Steam Ship Company Limited. Mississippi by kenning Liverpool. C. 1861 - 1865

$ 225.00

Revolutionary War Soldier Bronze

Revolutionary War Soldier BronzeRevolutionary War Soldier Bronze

Bronze figure of an American Revolutionary War Soldier period of 1776, by RANCOULETT early 20th Century on marble base 10" high missing rifle.
$ 675.00
$ 500.00



Canadian Powder Horn

Canadian Powder Horn

A good Canadian Powder Horn with simple carving "JOHN HUSDON GRATES COVE" (Newfoundland) also engraved a two masted sloop. Original rope sling and muzzle cap. A scarce piece of early Canadiana. C. 1720-1780 13.5" O/A (crack to spout)
$ 2,750.00
$ 900.00

Blackfoot Beaded Breastplate

Blackfoot Beaded Breastplate

A fine and scarce Sioux or Blackfoot, beaded breastplate with over 1100 wine, blue and red beads. And 105 bone spindles held together with buffalo hide strapping and old blue colored string necklace. C. 1890-1900
$ 3,500.00
$ 1,500.00 SOLD

Indian Kulah Khud

An Indian Kulah Khud C. 1820, one piece bowl with chiseled floral work, riveted chain mail camail (Nasal restored) a good looking helmet.
$ 895.00
$ 550.00